Thursday, April 29, 2010

Links for 4/29/10

Woo! Got one on my own!

Simple XP tweaks - It's from Encyclopedia Dramatica, so watch out where else on the site you go.

And the Touhou page from the same place - Surprisingly, is work-safe. And a very good, informative article, with lots of pertinent information about Touhou, only slightly less useful than the actual Touhou Wiki itself. Inbetween the snark and foul language, of course. Also some Touhou videos I've never seen.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Links for 4/28/10

Added to the links today (you can get to Gizmodo there too).

Some SMT:Strange Journey Kotaku exclusives - If you really want to fill up your Pokedexcompendium, there you go (don't know why you'd want that sort of Titania, but I haven't played the game, so it may be really useful).

Design Manifesto for Guild Wars 2 - I really like what I read here. I hate the grind-fest of most RPG's in general, and MMORPG's in particular. Making the game environment itself social is a great bonus (and not punishing players for doing so? Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Oh, they probably have, but that would mean people not grinding so much.).

Comcast worst company in America according to Internet - Well, this is a major site, or something, but still, take Internet poll for what it's worth.

How to optimize your computer like Best Buy does - From the above link. The good stuff's at the bottom of the article, which is about Best Buy's crappy optimization service.

Super-amazing non-box - Well, you can make it a box if you want.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Links for 4/26/10

I guess this mostly happens when I go to Instapundit, whatever.

Rocket-plane racing - and it's even cooler than that...kinda. They could have made this sound as awesome as it really is, but the movie comes off as just another bland news report. For shame.

Dyson Sphere discussion - very nerdy stuff, but interesting if that's your thing. May add the site to my blogroll or something.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Links for 4/21/10

Guess if I find any interesting articles, videos, and whatnot, I can make a post. More lasting, perhaps, than Bookmarks, and certainly more portable.

Today's are going to be both from today and from the past. Some cool stuff, some fun stuff, etc.

Movie about some pilots flying low
- Pretty much explains it.

The End of Maiden's Illusion - a BAWW Touhou comic. Some of the strips are ridiculously large, so be warned. Also, it's Danbooru, which can very easily be VERY NSW. This comic is just fine, though.

100 Rules of Anime - A set of anime "laws" made by some guys at Utah State. Funny, and accurate. - A collection of maps of different video games. If you ever wanted a complete map of the world of, say, FF1, there you go!

Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 Comic Dub (pt1)
- Very funny dub of Himmdaisy's long Persona 4 comics. Follow the link in the Infobox below the video to go to her(?) site to see the original comics (warning: SPOILERS). If you have played Persona 4, this is for you. If probably won't really get it.

Uncle Jay Explains the News - An old guy does videos about the news. Haven't actually watched them, but look interesting. Don't think they're streaming, though, at least not the archive.

Some Apollo 13 stuff from the astronauts - Very interesting stuff from a guy that wrote a book about the Apollo program.

What would a Flatlander really see? - Interesting article from Weird Sciences about perspective in other dimensions (the title refers to a person living in the second dimension). The linked video is also quite informative.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is just a place to post my links. If I care to create another blog later, I will.