Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Links for 4/21/10

Guess if I find any interesting articles, videos, and whatnot, I can make a post. More lasting, perhaps, than Bookmarks, and certainly more portable.

Today's are going to be both from today and from the past. Some cool stuff, some fun stuff, etc.

Movie about some pilots flying low
- Pretty much explains it.

The End of Maiden's Illusion - a BAWW Touhou comic. Some of the strips are ridiculously large, so be warned. Also, it's Danbooru, which can very easily be VERY NSW. This comic is just fine, though.

100 Rules of Anime - A set of anime "laws" made by some guys at Utah State. Funny, and accurate. - A collection of maps of different video games. If you ever wanted a complete map of the world of, say, FF1, there you go!

Hiimdaisy's Persona 4 Comic Dub (pt1)
- Very funny dub of Himmdaisy's long Persona 4 comics. Follow the link in the Infobox below the video to go to her(?) site to see the original comics (warning: SPOILERS). If you have played Persona 4, this is for you. If probably won't really get it.

Uncle Jay Explains the News - An old guy does videos about the news. Haven't actually watched them, but look interesting. Don't think they're streaming, though, at least not the archive.

Some Apollo 13 stuff from the astronauts - Very interesting stuff from a guy that wrote a book about the Apollo program.

What would a Flatlander really see? - Interesting article from Weird Sciences about perspective in other dimensions (the title refers to a person living in the second dimension). The linked video is also quite informative.

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