Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Links for 4/28/10

Added to the links today (you can get to Gizmodo there too).

Some SMT:Strange Journey Kotaku exclusives - If you really want to fill up your Pokedexcompendium, there you go (don't know why you'd want that sort of Titania, but I haven't played the game, so it may be really useful).

Design Manifesto for Guild Wars 2 - I really like what I read here. I hate the grind-fest of most RPG's in general, and MMORPG's in particular. Making the game environment itself social is a great bonus (and not punishing players for doing so? Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Oh, they probably have, but that would mean people not grinding so much.).

Comcast worst company in America according to Internet - Well, this is a major site, or something, but still, take Internet poll for what it's worth.

How to optimize your computer like Best Buy does - From the above link. The good stuff's at the bottom of the article, which is about Best Buy's crappy optimization service.

Super-amazing non-box - Well, you can make it a box if you want.

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